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Netflix Picks: Watch Black Movies Online

I am an instant gratification girl. I don’t like having to drive to the video store to rent dvds and I’m not into waiting hours for videos to download online. What I am into is Netflix. I used to be a movielinx subscriber back in the day, but at some point their selection of movies started to suck and I felt like my subscription was a waste of money, so I canceled it. With Netflix I feel like the selection is endless. I can watch a lot of the most recent movies online, and what I can’t watch online I can get sent to my mailbox in about 2 days (pretty fast). Once I watch my flicks, I just drop them back in the mail and wait for the next one to arrive.

Netflix nights are big in my house. After having my son, going to the movies just wasn’t an option anymore. Date night with the hubby turned into ONLY watching kid friendly flicks that Chris wouldn’t cry through or SCREAM through. When a friend of mine put me onto netflix, I felt like I discovered a whole new world. Rather than buy a ton of DVDS, my Chris could watch all his favorite cartoons directly from my computer, which also easily hooks up to the TV for a better view AND now that we have a Wii it just got even easier to watch Netflix videos via the Television.

Two nights ago I finally got to watch Tyler Perry’s I can Do Bad By Myself with my hubby, while Chris was sleeping. Then when the hubby went to sleep I watched a few Black Independent films vi the Netflix app on my iphone. We just returned the Dvd – Death At a Funeral with Martin Lawrence (very funny) and tonight we are watching Chris Rocks’ Good Hair! When we are in the car, Chris can watch ‘The Princess and the Frog’, ‘Dora’, ‘Scooby Doo’ and all his favorite cartoons. I love it!

I can watch netflix movies on my laptop, the television, my iphone, and with my Wii. I can literally watch it wherever I am … sitting on my couch, on the road, and while visiting family during the holidays! Sigh … Netflix rocks! If you are not into Netflix yet, well then you are really missing out.

Watch unlimited movies instantly online And rent one Dvd at a time (as many as you want for the month) for $9.99. Visit Netflix.com … they sometimes have 30 Day Free Trials, I signed up as a regular subscriber as soon as my free trial was over.

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